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How to Safely Dispose of Cleaning Products

How to Safely Dispose of Cleaning Products

If you’re a constant dust bunny with a touch of OCD then you’re probably going through your fair share of cleaning products. Handling your individual cleaning requirements is a cost effective way to stay on budget. But are you unsure how to safely dispose of these unwanted cleaning products?

We will have a brief look at some terrific ideas and increase your overall knowledge regarding the matter. With the goal of assisting you in properly handling the disposal of your common household cleaning products.

In general, people don't typically throw out cleaning products. The products hardly ever come with an expiration date so the majority of people end finishing the entire lot. Whether disposing of product or empty containers there’s still important information to take onboard when processing these sometime abrasive liquids.

Unused quantities of water-based cleaning products can easily and safely be poured down the drain. Though, it is not the same for other harsh chemicals found around the house. These items require special care and direction. This includes oil based paints, motor oil and pesticides which will need additional handling instructions for disposal. If in doubt, check the label for disposal instructions.

Professional rubbish removal prices can be a drain on the pocketbook. Let’s have a look at how to safely dispose of cleaning products and save you precious time and money.

What is the best approach for disposing of general household cleaning products?
The best answer would be to use it all up. If for any reason you’re unable to completely finish the product, you should consider giving it to a friend, neighbor or local business owners. Though, keep in mind, it’s important that the product should remain in its original container with the products information available for viewing.

What if I can’t completely use up the cleaning product or give it away?
If you’re unable to use the entire product, or give it away, it’s recommended you read the label and follow the directions as specified. If no special instructions are given, consider contacting your local waste management facility for more options.

Is it safe to dispose of household cleaning products in my septic tank?
If the cleaning product is used under typical conditions it will not kill the bacteria used to maintain septic tank systems. Most water-based cleaning solutions are engineered to be compatible with the vast majority of wastewater treatment systems. Researchers showed that homeowners could dispose up to 1 gallon (equal to 15 loads of laundry) over 24 hours of basic laundry bleach or disinfectants into a standard residential septic tank with destroying the septic culture.

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