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Trained operatives
With a committed and enthusiastic approach.
Attention to detail
The finishing touches make all the difference 
Use of specialist equipment and materials
Striving for excellence using cutting edge technology
Method Statements
Compiled to ensure set cleaning routines are adhered to.
Resulting in a consistently superior standard of cleaning


Member of the National Federation of Master Window & General Cleaners

IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) qualified

Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000

Employers Liability Insurance of £10,000,000

Client Care and Complaints policies and procedures in operation

Resulting in a proficient proactive approach

Client Care

Consistent and clear to avoid confusion and ensure a hassle free relationship.
We will always try to be available however if we are not we promise to return calls promptly.
To treat clients and their property with respect and courtesy.
To work 'out of hours' if that is what your business requires.
Provision of Total Client Satisfaction
Satisfying your exact requirements is our aim.
Resulting in a company dedicated to building long term partnerships with clients

Health and Safety

Company Safety Policy
An acceptance of the duty of care to our team and others who may by affected by our operation.
Risk Assessments
Undertaken prior to an assignment taking place, written report produced highlighting potential hazards and safety measures required to minimise risk and give you peace of mind.
First Aid
Vehicles carry the appropriate first aid equipment and a fully trained First Aider is available for each assignment.
PPE supplied
Maintained and used appropriately.
COSHH awareness and compliance
Substances or liquids that pose a threat to health or the environment are never used.

  "Resulting in the provision of a safe environment for company employees, clients and the public!"

The Reach & Wash System

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The Reach and Wash Thermo Pure system consists of a 5-stage water treatment system delivering 100% pure water to the window or façade surface. The treatment process utilises reverse osmosis and mixed bed de-mineralising resin to produce 100% pure water. The system is environmentally friendly as no chemicals or detergents are used.

The ladder-less system allows us to clean difficult areas from the ground using an extendable carbon/glass fibre pole. The system is completely safe, as the operator’s feet do not leave the ground.

Ladder access is viewed as an area of high risk and any reduction in their use is a step to better safety practices. Legislation discourages the use of ladders over 6m that are not either fixed or footed, both processes incur extra time and so cost. The carbon/glass fibre poles used with the Reach and Wash system extend to 65 feet reducing the risk of injury and damage to the operator, public and building.

The nature of de-mineralised water is to strive and return to its natural state by actively absorbing all dirt, minerals, and chemicals it comes across. Providing the correct technique is applied whilst used for window cleaning the final rinse water dries to a perfect finish, leaving it not only clean but also sterile.

Windows cleaned using the Reach & Wash system stay cleaner for longer compared to the traditional method, which leaves behind sticky soap residue that attracts dirt back to the windows. A precedent has been set by the replacement window industry whereby the glass produced for sealed double glazed units is washed and rinsed using de-mineralised water prior to assembly. This enables the windows to remain optically perfect until the seal is damaged.

Advantages of Reach & Wash System

  • Fully complies with the latest Health and Safety regulations. Up to 5 storeys height reach from ground level removes the safety hazards that traditional cleaning methods cause.

  • The Reach and Wash System reduces the risk to our operatives, the public and the likelihood of claims against the property owner.

  • Proven in the market place, used by the UK’s leading commercial window cleaning companies and recognized as the future of external cleaning.

  • Cleans windows, fascias, atria, panelling, canopies, cladding and signs.

  • Reaches inaccessible windows with ease

  • Solves many cleaning access problems

  • Sensitive ground is left undisturbed

  • Environmentally friendly

  • No damage to buildings

  • Windows stay cleaner for longer

  • Pure water consumes algae on atria

  • Reduced disturbance to building occupants, maintaining privacy

  • The equipment is virtually silent and highly reliable.

  • It offers total mobility as the system works on water pressure alone, 100% pure water can be made on site which allows the operators unrestricted use of the system.
There is no safer or cost effective system of window cleaning on the market.

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